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I have loved photography & wildlife since I was a little kid with my first Kodak Brownie camera. After taking many courses in High School and a summer program at RIT, I packed my bags and moved to Texas during the big oil boom of the early 1980's. I was lucky enough to land a job at Houston Photolab and was given my own darkroom, and some of the most talented teachers to help me develop and print professionals work. It was like a big family there and the owners would take us on trips to Big Bend and all kinds of exciting, beautiful places across Texas. My bosses were truly amazing photographers and I learned a great deal from them.

Onward another few years after moving to the Texas Hill Country and all the wild animals and beautiful scenery, I started to get back into taking lots of photos again. Then after buying a vacation cabin in the Davis Mountains of West Texas and seeing all the cool birds and unique wildlife out that way, my friends encouraged me to actually DO something with my photos. My business has grown greatly over the past few years! Hence, the purpose of this website to promote the sale and showcase some of my new images!  Enjoy! Carol DiQuilio  ("de-quil-leo" it's Italian!)

New Bio picture.jpg

"Acorn Woodpeckers in the Davis Mountains, TX"

a double-metal framed image SOLD!

This image just won an Honorable Mention award from National Wildlife Federation in 2022

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